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Anon., Avot Derabbi Nathan A, 31

Intertexts (texts cited often on the same page as the searched text):

None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
akavya ben mehalalel,rabbi' Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 334
divine/god,,anthropos Fishbane (2003) 242
divine/god,,assembly Fishbane (2003) 242
divine/god,,retinue Fishbane (2003) 242
divine/god,,roar Fishbane (2003) 242
godhead; see also attributes,hierarchy Fishbane (2003) 242
godhead; see also attributes,logoi/gradations Fishbane (2003) 242
logos Fishbane (2003) 242
myth,,fragmentary Fishbane (2003) 242
ḥayyot,powers within Fishbane (2003) 242