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Ancient Near Eastern Sources, Gudea, Cylinder A, col. vii, l. 13

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subject book bibliographic info
cicero,on divination Renberg (2017) 47
cult personnel (ancient near eastern),priest/priestess (unspecified) Renberg (2017) 47
divination (greek and roman),augury Renberg (2017) 47
divinities (ancient near eastern),ningirsu Renberg (2017) 47
dream interpreter/oneiromancer' Renberg (2017) 47
dream interpreters/interpretation (ancient near east) Renberg (2017) 47
dreams (in ancient near east),ean(n)atum Renberg (2017) 47
dreams (in ancient near east),gudea Renberg (2017) 47
dreams (in ancient near east),prompting (re)construction of temple Renberg (2017) 47
dreams (in ancient near east),received by ordinary individuals Renberg (2017) 47
dreams (in ancient near east),received by royalty Renberg (2017) 47
dreams (in hebrew bible and jewish literature),midianite soldier Renberg (2017) 47
ean(n)atum (king of lagaš) Renberg (2017) 47
gudea (ruler of lagaš) Renberg (2017) 47
incubation (ancient near eastern),by royalty Renberg (2017) 47
incubation (ancient near eastern) Renberg (2017) 47
incubation (greek),question of early royal incubation Renberg (2017) 47
literary and sub-literary works (ancient near east),stele of the vultures Renberg (2017) 47
pasiphae,sanctuary at thalamai,divinatory incubation by spartan leaders Renberg (2017) 47