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Ancient Near Eastern Sources, Arm Xxvi/1, 232

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subject book bibliographic info
cult personnel (ancient near eastern),and incubation/dream-divination Renberg (2017) 60
cult personnel (ancient near eastern),priest/priestess (unspecified) Renberg (2017) 60, 613
divination (ancient near eastern),mari lapâtum ritual Renberg (2017) 60
divinities (ancient near eastern),dagan Renberg (2017) 60
divinities (ancient near eastern),itūr-mer Renberg (2017) 60
divinities (ancient near eastern),marduk Renberg (2017) 60
divinities (greek and roman),priapus Renberg (2017) 613
djehutiemhab (new kingdom official,recipient of dream) Renberg (2017) 613
dreams (in ancient near east),nabonidus Renberg (2017) 60
dreams (in ancient near east),received by ordinary individuals forroyalty Renberg (2017) 60
dreams (in ancient near east),received by priests and ritual experts Renberg (2017) 60
dreams (in greek and latin literature),petronius,satyricon Renberg (2017) 613
elephantine,oracle of isis Renberg (2017) 613
harsiesis (egyptian priest) Renberg (2017) 613
ḥor of sebennytos,and incubation Renberg (2017) 613
incubation,priests incubating for themselves Renberg (2017) 613
incubation (ancient near eastern),by cult personnel Renberg (2017) 60
incubation (ancient near eastern),sleeping near cult statue Renberg (2017) 60
incubation (ancient near eastern) Renberg (2017) 60
isis,oracle at elephantine Renberg (2017) 613
mari (ancient near eastern kingdom),dream conveyed to king by queen Renberg (2017) 60
mari (ancient near eastern kingdom),incubation by priestess(?) Renberg (2017) 60
mari (ancient near eastern kingdom),inquiries by governors Renberg (2017) 60
mari (ancient near eastern kingdom),womans dream concerning servant girl Renberg (2017) 60, 613
nabonidus (neo-babylonian king) Renberg (2017) 60
oracles (egyptian),elephantine,oracle of isis Renberg (2017) 613
oracles (egyptian),proxy consultations Renberg (2017) 613
oracles (egyptian),qaṣr ibrim,oracle of amun Renberg (2017) 613
qaṣr ibrim,oracle of amun Renberg (2017) 613
ritual texts and incantations (ancient near east),prayer to marduk' Renberg (2017) 60
ritual texts and incantations (ancient near east),shamash-shum-ukin dream ritual Renberg (2017) 60