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Anaximenes Of Miletus, Fragments, b2

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1. Anaximander, Fragments, None (7th cent. BCE - 6th cent. BCE)

2. Thales, Fragments, None (7th cent. BCE - 6th cent. BCE)

3. Anaximenes of Miletus, Fragments, None (6th cent. BCE - 6th cent. BCE)

4. Heraclitus of Ephesus, Fragments, None (6th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

5. Parmenides, Fragments, None (6th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

6. Theognis, Elegies, 373 (6th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

7. Xenophanes, Fragments, None (6th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

8. Xenophanes, Fragments, None (6th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

9. Xenophanes, Fragments, None (6th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

10. Herodotus, Histories, 2.123 (5th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

2.123. These Egyptian stories are for the benefit of whoever believes such tales: my rule in this history is that I record what is said by all as I have heard it. The Egyptians say that Demeter and Dionysus are the rulers of the lower world. ,The Egyptians were the first who maintained the following doctrine, too, that the human soul is immortal, and at the death of the body enters into some other living thing then coming to birth; and after passing through all creatures of land, sea, and air, it enters once more into a human body at birth, a cycle which it completes in three thousand years. ,There are Greeks who have used this doctrine, some earlier and some later, as if it were their own; I know their names, but do not record them.
11. Plato, Gorgias, None (5th cent. BCE - 4th cent. BCE)

507e. a man who would be blessed with the needful justice and temperance; not letting one’s desires go unrestrained and in one’s attempts to satisfy them—an interminable trouble—leading the life of a robber. For neither to any of his fellow-men can such a one be dear, nor to God; since he cannot commune with any, and where there is no communion, there can be no friendship. Soc. And wise men tell us, Callicles, that heaven and earth
12. Sophocles, Electra, 176, 175 (5th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

13. Sophocles, Women of Trachis, 127 (5th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

127. You must not, I say, wear away fair hope. Remember that the all-accomplishing king, the son of Cronus, does not appoint a painless lot for mortals. Sorrow and joy revolve to all, as the stars of the Bear
14. Anaximander Iunior, Fragments, None (4th cent. BCE - 4th cent. BCE)

15. Porphyry, On Abstinence, 3.26.1-3.26.4 (3rd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

16. Xenophanes, Fr. (W), None

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
alcmaeon Tor (2017) 244
alt,k. Harte (2017) 31
anaximenes of miletus Horkey (2019) 42
animism Sattler (2021) 75
anthropomorphism,critiques of Sattler (2021) 75
aristotle Horkey (2019) 42
cosmology,homeric Horkey (2019) 42
diakosmos Horkey (2019) 42
diogenes of apollonia Tor (2017) 21, 244
eschatology. see mystery initiations and entries under empedocles,euripides,homer,parmenides,pindar,pythagoras and the pythagoreans,aethereal Tor (2017) 244
god,gods,whether they have human characteristics Sattler (2021) 75
gold tablets Tor (2017) 244
graham,d. Harte (2017) 31
granger,h. Harte (2017) 31
heaven Horkey (2019) 42
heraclitus Harte (2017) 31; Tor (2017) 21
hesiod Sattler (2021) 75
kosmos,and diakosmos Horkey (2019) 42
kosmos Horkey (2019) 42
milesian,the philosophers,anaximander Tor (2017) 21
milesian,the philosophers,anaximenes Tor (2017) 21, 244
milesian,the philosophers Tor (2017) 21
myth of er,and order Horkey (2019) 42
nature Harte (2017) 31
parmenides,on the soul,its divinity Tor (2017) 244
parmenides of elea Horkey (2019) 42
pherecydes Tor (2017) 244
plato,on early greek philosophy Tor (2017) 21
plato,on kosmos Horkey (2019) 42
plato Horkey (2019) 42
pythagoras and the pythagoreans,and metempsychosis Tor (2017) 244
religion Sattler (2021) 75
song Horkey (2019) 42
soul. see entries on soul or metempsychosis under empedocles,heraclitus,homer,parmenides,pindar,plato,pythagoras and the pythagoreans,as divine' Tor (2017) 244
will,of god Harte (2017) 31