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Alexander Numenii, Rhetoric, 32.15

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subject book bibliographic info
abstract nominal phrases in thucydides,and strategies used by thucydides to foster abstraction Joho (2022) 34
abstract nominal phrases in thucydides,idiosyncratic by standards of greek prose Joho (2022) 34
dionysius of halicarnassus,on idiosyncrasy of thucydides style Joho (2022) 34
nominal periphrasis,and asthenic verbs Joho (2022) 34
nominal periphrasis,compounds of ἵστημι in Joho (2022) 34
nominal periphrasis,definition of Joho (2022) 34
nominal periphrasis,fondness of thucydides for' Joho (2022) 34