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Aesop, Fables, 170

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
carneades Bar Kochba (1997) 64
cicero Bar Kochba (1997) 64
diogenes of sinope Bar Kochba (1997) 62, 64
disciplina auguralis,greek Bar Kochba (1997) 62, 64
disciplina auguralis,xenophon on Bar Kochba (1997) 62
divination and omens. see also mosollamus story,cicero on' Bar Kochba (1997) 64
lewy,hans,on mosollamus story Bar Kochba (1997) 64
mosollamus story,not written by greek Bar Kochba (1997) 62, 64
panaetius Bar Kochba (1997) 64
socrates Bar Kochba (1997) 62