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Aeschines, Against Ctesiphon, 42

nanand, most invidious of all, certain men who had secured positions as agents of foreign states managed to have proclaimed that they were crowned—it might be by the people of Rhodes , or of Chios , or of some other state—in recognition of their merit and uprightness. And this they did, not like those who were crowned by your senate or by the people, by first obtaining your consent and by your decree, and after establishing large claims upon your gratitude, but themselves reaching out after the honor with no authorization from you.

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abuses,at the great dionysia Jouanna (2018) 184
athenians,at the festivals Jouanna (2018) 184
audience,at the festivals Jouanna (2018) 184
dionysia,great Jouanna (2018) 184
festivals,of dionysus Jouanna (2018) 184
foreigners,at the festivals' Jouanna (2018) 184
nicias,as a choregos Jouanna (2018) 184
plutarch,on nicias Jouanna (2018) 184