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Aeschines, Against Ctesiphon, 41

nanBut I will show you where they get this false assertion. First, however, I will tell the reason why the laws governing the proclamations in the theater were enacted. It frequently happened that at the performance of the tragedies in the city proclamations were made without authorization of the people, now that this or that man was crowned by his tribe, now that others were crowned by the men of their deme, while other men by the voice of the herald manumitted their household slaves, and made all Hellas their witness;

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abuses,at the great dionysia Jouanna (2018) 184
athenians,at the festivals Jouanna (2018) 184
audience,at the festivals Jouanna (2018) 184
dionysia,great Jouanna (2018) 184
festivals,of dionysus Jouanna (2018) 184
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