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Tacitus, Annals, 14.4.3

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1. Tacitus, Annals, 14.3.3, 14.4.1, 14.6.1 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

14.4.1.  This ingenuity commended itself: the date, too, was in its favour, as Nero was in the habit of celebrating the festival of Minerva at Baiae. Thither he proceeded to lure his mother, observing from time to time that outbreaks of parental anger had to be tolerated, and that he must show a forgiving spirit; his aim being to create a rumour of reconciliation, which Agrippina, with the easy faith of her sex in the agreeable, would probably accept. — In due course, she came. He went down to the beach to meet her (she was arriving from Antium), took her hand, embraced her, and escorted her to Bauli, the name of a villa washed by the waters of a cove between the promontory of Misenum and the lake of Baiae. Here, among others, stood a more handsomely appointed vessel; apparently one attention the more to his mother, as she had been accustomed to use a trireme with a crew of marines. Also, she had been invited to dinner for the occasion, so that night should be available for the concealment of the crime. It is well established that someone had played the informer, and that Agrippina, warned of the plot, hesitated whether to believe or not, but made the journey to Baiae in a litter. There her fears were relieved by the blandishments of a cordial welcome and a seat above the prince himself. At last, conversing freely, — one moment boyishly familiar, the next grave-browed as though making some serious communication, — Nero, after the banquet had been long protracted, escorted her on her way, clinging more closely than usual to her breast and kissing her eyes; possibly as a final touch of hypocrisy, or possibly the last look upon his doomed mother gave pause even to that brutal spirit. 14.6.1.  There she reflected on the evident purpose of the treacherous letter of invitation and the exceptional honour with which she had been treated, and on the fact that, hard by the shore, a vessel, driven by no gale and striking no reef, had collapsed at the top like an artificial structure on land. She reviewed as well the killing of Acerronia, glanced simultaneously at her own wound, and realized that the one defence against treachery was to leave it undetected. Accordingly she sent the freedman Agermus to carry word to her son that, thanks to divine kindness and to his fortunate star, she had survived a grave accident; but that, however great his alarm at his mother's danger, she begged him to defer the attention of a visit: for the moment, what she needed was rest. Meanwhile, with affected unconcern, she applied remedies to her wound and fomentations to her body: Acerronia's will, she gave instructions was to be sought, and her effects sealed up, — the sole measure not referable to dissimulation.

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agrippina the elder Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
agrippina the younger,empress Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
agrippina the younger,murder of Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
altars Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
anicetus Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213; Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
annals Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
baiae Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
c. suetonius tranquillus Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
crime Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
dio cassius Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
drama Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
embedded staging Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
emperor cult Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
family,imperial Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
fors Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
germanicus iulius caesar Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
kin murder Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
livy Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
mourning,grief Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
munatius plancus,l. (dedicator of temple of saturn),murderers,ritual pollution of Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
nero,emperor Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
nero (emperor),murders committed by Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
pietas Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
pollution,ritual Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
punishment,divine Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
sex. propertius (the poet) Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
ship (collapsible) Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
shipwreck Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
species' Shannon-Henderson (2019) 296
staging Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
swimming Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213
tacitus,p. cornelius Poulsen and Jönsson (2021) 213