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Septuagint, Ecclesiasticus (Siracides), 37.29

nanDo not have an insatiable appetite for any luxury,and do not give yourself up to food;

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1. Hebrew Bible, Proverbs, 9.1 (9th cent. BCE - 3rd cent. BCE)

9.1. חָכְמוֹת בָּנְתָה בֵיתָהּ חָצְבָה עַמּוּדֶיהָ שִׁבְעָה׃ 9.1. תְּחִלַּת חָכְמָה יִרְאַת יְהוָה וְדַעַת קְדֹשִׁים בִּינָה׃ 9.1. Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars;"
2. Septuagint, Ecclesiasticus (Siracides), 23.27, 24.3-24.22, 31.22-31.27, 33.25-33.27, 33.31, 34.1-34.18, 34.20, 36.1-36.22, 36.24, 36.29, 37.4, 37.7-37.9, 37.11-37.12, 37.16, 37.18-37.22, 37.24, 37.26-37.28, 37.30-37.31, 38.1-38.23 (2nd cent. BCE - 2nd cent. BCE)

24.3. I came forth from the mouth of the Most High,and covered the earth like a mist. 24.3. I went forth like a canal from a river and like a water channel into a garden. 24.4. I dwelt in high places,and my throne was in a pillar of cloud. 24.5. Alone I have made the circuit of the vault of heaven and have walked in the depths of the abyss. 24.6. In the waves of the sea, in the whole earth,and in every people and nation I have gotten a possession. 24.7. Among all these I sought a resting place;I sought in whose territory I might lodge. 24.8. Then the Creator of all things gave me a commandment,and the one who created me assigned a place for my tent. And he said, `Make your dwelling in Jacob,and in Israel receive your inheritance. 24.9. From eternity, in the beginning, he created me,and for eternity I shall not cease to exist. 24.11. In the beloved city likewise he gave me a resting place,and in Jerusalem was my dominion. 24.12. So I took root in an honored people,in the portion of the Lord, who is their inheritance. 24.13. I grew tall like a cedar in Lebanon,and like a cypress on the heights of Hermon. 24.14. I grew tall like a palm tree in En-gedi,and like rose plants in Jericho;like a beautiful olive tree in the field,and like a plane tree I grew tall. 24.15. Like cassia and camels thorn I gave forth the aroma of spices,and like choice myrrh I spread a pleasant odor,like galbanum, onycha, and stacte,and like the fragrance of frankincense in the tabernacle. 24.16. Like a terebinth I spread out my branches,and my branches are glorious and graceful. 24.17. Like a vine I caused loveliness to bud,and my blossoms became glorious and abundant fruit. 24.19. Come to me, you who desire me,and eat your fill of my produce. 24.21. Those who eat me will hunger for more,and those who drink me will thirst for more. 24.22. Whoever obeys me will not be put to shame,and those who work with my help will not sin. 31.22. Listen to me, my son, and do not disregard me,and in the end you will appreciate my words. In all your work be industrious,and no sickness will overtake you. 31.23. Men will praise the one who is liberal with food,and their testimony to his excellence is trustworthy. 31.24. The city will complain of the one who is niggardly with food,and their testimony to his niggardliness is accurate. 31.25. Do not aim to be valiant over wine,for wine has destroyed many. 31.26. Fire and water prove the temper of steel,so wine tests hearts in the strife of the proud. 31.27. Wine is like life to men,if you drink it in moderation. What is life to a man who is without wine?It has been created to make men glad. 33.25. Set your slave to work, and you will find rest;leave his hands idle, and he will seek liberty. 33.26. Yoke and thong will bow the neck,and for a wicked servant there are racks and tortures. 33.27. Put him to work, that he may not be idle,for idleness teaches much evil. 33.31. If you have a servant, treat him as a brother,for as your own soul you will need him. 34.1. A man of no understanding has vain and false hopes,and dreams give wings to fools. 34.1. He that is inexperienced knows few things,but he that has traveled acquires much cleverness. 34.2. As one who catches at a shadow and pursues the wind,so is he who gives heed to dreams. 34.2. Like one who kills a son before his fathers eyes is the man who offers a sacrifice from the property of the poor. 34.3. The vision of dreams is this against that,the likeness of a face confronting a face. 34.4. From an unclean thing what will be made clean?And from something false what will be true? 34.5. Divinations and omens and dreams are folly,and like a woman in travail the mind has fancies. 34.6. Unless they are sent from the Most High as a visitation,do not give your mind to them. 34.7. For dreams have deceived many,and those who put their hope in them have failed. 34.8. Without such deceptions the law will be fulfilled,and wisdom is made perfect in truthful lips. 34.9. An educated man knows many things,and one with much experience will speak with understanding. 34.11. I have seen many things in my travels,and I understand more than I can express. 34.12. I have often been in danger of death,but have escaped because of these experiences. 34.13. The spirit of those who fear the Lord will live,for their hope is in him who saves them. 34.14. He who fears the Lord will not be timid,nor play the coward, for he is his hope. 34.15. Blessed is the soul of the man who fears the Lord!To whom does he look? And who is his support? 34.16. The eyes of the Lord are upon those who love him,a mighty protection and strong support,a shelter from the hot wind and a shade from noonday sun,a guard against stumbling and a defense against falling. 34.17. He lifts up the soul and gives light to the eyes;he grants healing, life, and blessing. 34.18. If one sacrifices from what has been wrongfully obtained, the offering is blemished; the gifts of the lawless are not acceptable. 36.1. Have mercy upon us, O Lord, the God of all, and look upon us 36.1. Crush the heads of the rulers of the enemy,who say, "There is no one but ourselves. 36.2. and cause the fear of thee to fall upon all the nations. 36.2. A perverse mind will cause grief,but a man of experience will pay him back. 36.3. Lift up thy hand against foreign nations and let them see thy might. 36.4. As in us thou hast been sanctified before them,so in them be thou magnified before us; 36.5. and let them know thee, as we have known that there is not God but thee, O Lord. 36.6. Show signs anew, and work further wonders;make thy hand and thy right arm glorious. 36.7. Rouse thy anger and pour out thy wrath;destroy the adversary and wipe out the enemy. 36.8. Hasten the day, and remember the appointed time,and let people recount thy mighty deeds. 36.9. Let him who survives be consumed in the fiery wrath,and may those who harm thy people meet destruction. 36.11. Gather all the tribes of Jacob,and give them their inheritance, as at the beginning. 36.12. Have mercy, O Lord, upon the people called by thy name,upon Israel, whom thou hast likened to a first-born son. 36.13. Have pity on the city of thy sanctuary,Jerusalem, the place of thy rest. 36.14. Fill Zion with the celebration of thy wondrous deeds,and thy temple with thy glory. 36.15. Bear witness to those whom thou didst create in the beginning,and fulfil the prophecies spoken in thy name. 36.16. Reward those who wait for thee,and let thy prophets be found trustworthy. 36.17. Hearken, O Lord, to the prayer of thy servants,according to the blessing of Aaron for thy people,and all who are on the earth will know that thou art the Lord, the God of the ages. 36.18. The stomach will take any food,yet one food is better than another. 36.19. As the palate tastes the kinds of game,so an intelligent mind detects false words. 36.21. A woman will accept any man,but one daughter is better than another. 36.22. A womans beauty gladdens the countece,and surpasses every human desire. 36.24. He who acquires a wife gets his best possession,a helper fit for him and a pillar of support. 37.4. Some companions rejoice in the happiness of a friend,but in time of trouble are against him. 37.7. Every counselor praises counsel,but some give counsel in their own interest. 37.8. Be wary of a counselor,and learn first what is his interest -- for he will take thought for himself -- lest he cast the lot against you 37.9. and tell you, "Your way is good," and then stand aloof to see what will happen to you. 37.11. Do not consult with a woman about her rival or with a coward about war,with a merchant about barter or with a buyer about selling,with a grudging man about gratitude or with a merciless man about kindness,with an idler about any work or with a man hired for a year about completing his work,with a lazy servant about a big task -- pay no attention to these in any matter of counsel. 37.12. But stay constantly with a godly man whom you know to be a keeper of the commandments,whose soul is in accord with your soul,and who will sorrow with you if you fail. 37.16. Reason is the beginning of every work,and counsel precedes every undertaking. 37.18. four turns of fortune appear,good and evil, life and death;and it is the tongue that continually rules them. 37.19. A man may be shrewd and the teacher of many,and yet be unprofitable to himself. 37.21. for grace was not given him by the Lord,since he is lacking in all wisdom. 37.22. A man may be wise to his own advantage,and the fruits of his understanding may be trustworthy on his lips. 37.24. A wise man will have praise heaped upon him,and all who see him will call him happy. 37.26. He who is wise among his people will inherit confidence,and his name will live for ever. 37.27. My son, test your soul while you live;see what is bad for it and do not give it that. 37.28. For not everything is good for every one,and not every person enjoys everything. 37.31. Many have died of gluttony,but he who is careful to avoid it prolongs his life. 38.1. Honor the physician with the honor due him,according to your need of him, for the Lord created him; 38.1. Give up your faults and direct your hands aright,and cleanse your heart from all sin. 38.2. for healing comes from the Most High,and he will receive a gift from the king. 38.2. Do not give your heart to sorrow;drive it away, remembering the end of life. 38.3. The skill of the physician lifts up his head,and in the presence of great men he is admired. 38.3. He moulds the clay with his arm and makes it pliable with his feet;he sets his heart to finish the glazing,and he is careful to clean the furnace. 38.4. The Lord created medicines from the earth,and a sensible man will not despise them. 38.5. Was not water made sweet with a tree in order that his power might be known? 38.6. And he gave skill to men that he might be glorified in his marvelous works. 38.7. By them he heals and takes away pain; 38.8. the pharmacist makes of them a compound. His works will never be finished;and from him health is upon the face of the earth. 38.9. My son, when you are sick do not be negligent,but pray to the Lord, and he will heal you. 38.11. offer a sweet-smelling sacrifice, and a memorial portion of fine flour,and pour oil on your offering, as much as you can afford. 38.12. And give the physician his place, for the Lord created him;let him not leave you, for there is need of him. 38.13. There is a time when success lies in the hands of physicians 38.14. for they too will pray to the Lord that he should grant them success in diagnosis and in healing, for the sake of preserving life. 38.15. He who sins before his Maker,may he fall into the care of a physician. 38.16. My son, let your tears fall for the dead,and as one who is suffering grievously begin the lament. Lay out his body with the honor due him,and do not neglect his burial. 38.17. Let your weeping be bitter and your wailing fervent;observe the mourning according to his merit,for one day, or two, to avoid criticism;then be comforted for your sorrow. 38.18. For sorrow results in death,and sorrow of heart saps ones strength. 38.19. In calamity sorrow continues,and the life of the poor man weighs down his heart. 38.21. Do not forget, there is no coming back;you do the dead no good, and you injure yourself. 38.22. Remember my doom, for yours is like it:yesterday it was mine, and today it is yours. 38.23. When the dead is at rest, let his remembrance cease,and be comforted for him when his spirit is departed.
3. Septuagint, Wisdom of Solomon, 24.21, 31.22-31.23 (2nd cent. BCE - 1st cent. BCE)

4. New Testament, 1 Corinthians, 2.6-2.8 (1st cent. CE - 1st cent. CE)

2.6. We speak wisdom, however, among those who are fullgrown; yet a wisdom not of this world, nor of the rulers of this world,who are coming to nothing. 2.7. But we speak God's wisdom in amystery, the wisdom that has been hidden, which God foreordained beforethe worlds to our glory 2.8. which none of the rulers of this worldhas known. For had they known it, they wouldn't have crucified the Lordof glory.

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