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Mishnah, Ketuvot, 5.7

nanIf a wife rebels against her husband her ketubah is reduced by seven denarii a week. Rabbi Judah says: seven tropaics. How long does he continue to reduce? Until the amount of her ketubah. Rabbi Yose says: he may continue to reduce, and if she receives an inheritance he may collect from it. Similarly, if a husband rebels against his wife, an addition of three denarii a week is made to her ketubah. Rabbi Judah said: three tropaics."

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subject book bibliographic info
fornication,get Monnickendam (2020) 145
ketubah Libson (2018) 166
matrimony,ketubbah Monnickendam (2020) 145
matrimony,legal requirements Monnickendam (2020) 145
moredet Monnickendam (2020) 145
rape,prohibition Monnickendam (2020) 145
rebellious wife' Libson (2018) 166
zutra,mar Monnickendam (2020) 145