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Mishnah, Beitzah, 2

nanIn three cases Rabban Gamaliel was strict like the words of Beth Shammai.One may not cover up hot food on Yom Tov for Shabbat; And one may not join together a lamp on a festival; And one may not bake [on Yom] thick loaves but only wafer-cakes. Rabban Gamaliel said: “In all their days, my father’s house never baked large loaves but only wafer-cakes.” They said to him: “What can we do with regards to your father’s house, for they were strict in respect to themselves but were lenient towards Israel to let them bake both large loaves and even charcoal-roasted loaves.”,Also he declared three decisions of a lenient character:One may sweep up [on a festival] between the couches, And put spices [on the coals] on a festival; And roast a kid whole on the night of Passover. But the sages forbid them.,Yom Tov which fell on the eve of Shabbat, one should not begin to cook on Yom Tov for Shabbat. But he may cook for Yom Tov, and if any is left over it is left over for Shabbat. And he may prepare a dish on the eve of Yom Tov and rely upon it [to prepare food] for Shabbat. Bet Shammai says: two dishes. But Bet Hillel says: one dish. Yet they [both] agree that a fish and an egg upon it are [considered as] two dishes. [If] he ate it or it was lost, he may not begin to cook [relying] on it. But if he left over any [small] portion of it, he may rely on it [to cook] for Shabbat.,A pepper-mill is susceptible to impurity on account of [it consisting of] three [separate] utensils; on account of a receptacle, on account of a metal utensil and on account of a sifting utensil.,Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah allows three things and the Sages forbid them:His cow used to go out with the strap which she had between her horns; One may curry cattle on a festival; And one may grind pepper in its own mill. Rabbi Judah says: one may not curry cattle on a festival, because it may cause a wound, but one may comb them. But the Sages say: one may not curry them, and one may not even comb them.,Bet Shammai says: a man may not heat water for his feet unless it is also fit for drinking. But Bet Hillel permits it. A man may make a fire and warm himself at it.,If [Yom Tov] fell on the day after Shabbat:Bet Shammai says: one must immerse everything [unclean] before Shabbat. But Bet Hillel says: vessels [must be immersed] before Shabbat but people [may immerse] on Shabbat.,A child’s cart is susceptible to the impurity of midras, and it may be handled on Shabbat, and it is dragged along only on matting. Rabbi Judah says: no vessels may be dragged along [the ground] except a wagon because it [only] presses [the earth] down.,They agree that one may effect surface contact for [unclean] water in a stone vessel in order to purify it, but one may not immerse [it]; And one may immerse [to change] from one intention to another or from one company to another.,Bet Shammai says: one may bring peace-offerings [on Yom Tov] but may not lay [hands] upon them, but one may not bring burnt-offerings [on Yom Tov]. Bet Hillel says: one may bring peace-offerings and burnt-offerings and also lay hands upon them.

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