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Eusebius Of Caesarea, Ecclesiastical History, 8.6

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1. Constantine I Emperor of Rome, Oratio Ad Sanctorum Coetum, 25 (3rd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

2. Eusebius of Caesarea, Martyrs of Palestine, 2.1, 3.1 (3rd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

3. Eusebius of Caesarea, Ecclesiastical History, 2.25, 3.19-3.20, 3.32-3.33, 4.8-4.9, 4.15-4.17, 5.1-5.3, 5.5, 5.21.1-5.21.5, 6.1-6.5, 6.34, 6.40-6.42, 7.10, 7.12, 7.30.20-7.30.21, 8.1-8.2, 8.2.5, 8.5, 8.6.8-8.6.10, 8.7-8.13, 8.9.4-8.9.5, 8.15-8.17, 9.1-9.2, 9.5, 9.9 (3rd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

5.21.1. About the same time, in the reign of Commodus, our condition became more favorable, and through the grace of God the churches throughout the entire world enjoyed peace, and the word of salvation was leading every soul, from every race of man to the devout worship of the God of the universe. So that now at Rome many who were highly distinguished for wealth and family turned with all their household and relatives unto their salvation. 5.21.2. But the demon who hates what is good, being maligt in his nature, could not endure this, but prepared himself again for conflict, contriving many devices against us. And he brought to the judgment seat Apollonius, of the city of Rome, a man renowned among the faithful for learning and philosophy, having stirred up one of his servants, who was well fitted for such a purpose, to accuse him. 5.21.3. But this wretched man made the charge unseasonably, because by a royal decree it was unlawful that informers of such things should live. And his legs were broken immediately, Perennius the judge having pronounced this sentence upon him. 5.21.4. But the martyr, highly beloved of God, being earnestly entreated and requested by the judge to give an account of himself before the Senate, made in the presence of all an eloquent defense of the faith for which he was witnessing. And as if by decree of the Senate he was put to death by decapitation; an ancient law requiring that those who were brought to the judgment seat and refused to recant should not be liberated. Whoever desires to know his arguments before the judge and his answers to the questions of Perennius, and his entire defense before the Senate will find them in the records of the ancient martyrdoms which we have collected. 7.30.20. Such was Aurelian's treatment of us at that time; but in the course of his reign he changed his mind in regard to us, and was moved by certain advisers to institute a persecution against us. And there was great talk about this on every side. 7.30.21. But as he was about to do it, and was, so to speak, in the very act of signing the decrees against us, the divine judgment came upon him and restrained him at the very verge of his undertaking, showing in a manner that all could see clearly, that the rulers of this world can never find an opportunity against the churches of Christ, except the hand that defends them permits it, in divine and heavenly judgment, for the sake of discipline and correction, at such times as it sees best. 8.2.5. Such was the first edict against us. But not long after, other decrees were issued, commanding that all the rulers of the churches in every place be first thrown into prison, and afterwards by every artifice be compelled to sacrifice. 8.6.8. Such things occurred in Nicomedia at the beginning of the persecution. But not long after, as persons in the country called Melitene, and others throughout Syria, attempted to usurp the government, a royal edict directed that the rulers of the churches everywhere should be thrown into prison and bonds. 8.6.9. What was to be seen after this exceeds all description. A vast multitude were imprisoned in every place; and the prisons everywhere, which had long before been prepared for murderers and robbers of graves, were filled with bishops, presbyters and deacons, readers and exorcists, so that room was no longer left in them for those condemned for crimes. 8.6.10. And as other decrees followed the first, directing that those in prison if they would sacrifice should be permitted to depart in freedom, but that those who refused should be harassed with many tortures, how could any one, again, number the multitude of martyrs in every province, and especially of those in Africa, and Mauritania, and Thebais, and Egypt? From this last country many went into other cities and provinces, and became illustrious through martyrdom. 8.9.4. We, also being on the spot ourselves, have observed large crowds in one day; some suffering decapitation, others torture by fire; so that the murderous sword was blunted, and becoming weak, was broken, and the very executioners grew weary and relieved each other. 8.9.5. And we beheld the most wonderful ardor, and the truly divine energy and zeal of those who believed in the Christ of God. For as soon as sentence was pronounced against the first, one after another rushed to the judgment seat, and confessed themselves Christians. And regarding with indifference the terrible things and the multiform tortures, they declared themselves boldly and undauntedly for the religion of the God of the universe. And they received the final sentence of death with joy and laughter and cheerfulness; so that they sang and offered up hymns and thanksgivings to the God of the universe till their very last breath.
4. Lactantius, Deaths of The Persecutors, 12, 14, 7, 10 (3rd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

5. Epigraphy, Ogis, 569

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subject book bibliographic info
alba longa,and the great persecution Simmons(1995) 44
alexander severus Tabbernee (2007) 168
amaseia,theodorus tiro Marek (2019) 541
anthimos,bishop Marek (2019) 541
antioch,at crispinas trial Simmons(1995) 44
antioch,christian apostasy at Simmons(1995) 44
antoninus pius (emperor) Tabbernee (2007) 168
apollo,of didyma Marek (2019) 541
apollonius of tyana,connection with the great persecution Simmons(1995) 44
architecture,bath Marek (2019) 541
architecture,mosaics Marek (2019) 541
arykanda Marek (2019) 541
aurelian (emperor) Tabbernee (2007) 168
chadwick,henry Simmons(1995) 44
christianity/christians,martyrdom Marek (2019) 541
christianity/christians,persecution Marek (2019) 541
constantine the great,emperor Marek (2019) 541
crispina,trial of Simmons(1995) 44
destruction Lynskey (2021) 33
diocletian,leaves nicomedia Simmons(1995) 44
diocletian,roman emperor (284-305),3rd edict Simmons(1995) 44
diocletian,roman emperor (284-305),4th edict Simmons(1995) 44
diocletian,roman emperor (284-305),cruelty during the persecution Simmons(1995) 44
diocletian,vicennalia of Simmons(1995) 44
diocletian Lynskey (2021) 33; Marek (2019) 541
edict of toleration Lynskey (2021) 33
edicts Lynskey (2021) 33
empire Lynskey (2021) 33
eusebius,2nd edict Simmons(1995) 44
eusebius,3rd edict Simmons(1995) 44
eusebius,4th edict Simmons(1995) 44
eusebius,and the 1st edict Simmons(1995) 44
eusebius Lynskey (2021) 33
galerius,diocletians eastern caesar and later emperor (caesar,and palace fire at nicomedia Simmons(1995) 44
galerius,emperor Marek (2019) 541
generation Lynskey (2021) 33
heresy/heretics Tabbernee (2007) 168
hierokles,author of a work against christians Marek (2019) 541
kingdom of cappadocia,legionary camp Marek (2019) 541
kolbasa Marek (2019) 541
lactantius,connection with palace fire Simmons(1995) 44
lactantius Lynskey (2021) 33
lucius verus Tabbernee (2007) 168
marcus aurelius,emperor Marek (2019) 541
martyrdom/martyrs Tabbernee (2007) 168, 211
martyrdom Lynskey (2021) 33
martyrs,crispina Simmons(1995) 44
martyrs/martyrdom Marek (2019) 541
maximian,emperor Marek (2019) 541
maximin i the thracia Tabbernee (2007) 168
maximinus daia,emperor Marek (2019) 541
mensurius of carthage Tabbernee (2007) 211
military legions,xii fulminata Marek (2019) 541
neolithic/chalcolithic age (ca. Marek (2019) 541
nero Tabbernee (2007) 168
nicomedia,2nd fire at Simmons(1995) 44
nicomedia,palace fire at Simmons(1995) 44
nicomedia ( zmit) Tabbernee (2007) 211
north african christianity Lynskey (2021) 33
oppression Lynskey (2021) 33
persecution Lynskey (2021) 33
persecutions,of christians,2nd and 3rd edicts Simmons(1995) 44
persecutions,of christians,4th edict' Simmons(1995) 44
persecutions Tabbernee (2007) 168
persecutions of christians Marek (2019) 541
philip (emperor) Tabbernee (2007) 168
polemics Lynskey (2021) 33
q[uintus junius rusticus Tabbernee (2007) 211
roman/byzantine empire Tabbernee (2007) 168
schismatics,schisma Tabbernee (2007) 168
secundus of tigisis Tabbernee (2007) 211
septimius severus Tabbernee (2007) 168
tetrarchy Simmons(1995) 44
thebais (the thebaid) Tabbernee (2007) 211
theodoros tiro,martyr Marek (2019) 541
voluntary martyrdom ix,xxxvi Tabbernee (2007) 211