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Cassius Dio, Roman History, 60.22.3

nan These were the honours the senate bestowed upon the reigning family; but they hated the memory of Gaius so much that they decreed that all the bronze coinage which had his likeness stamped upon it should be melted down. And yet, though this was done, the bronze was converted to no better user, for Messalina made statues of Mnester, the actor, out of it.

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1. Suetonius, Nero, 49.2 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

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antioch (syria) Talbert (1984) 382
coinage,as imperial prerogative Ando (2013) 223
coinage,legitimacy of Ando (2013) 223
damnatio memoriae' Ando (2013) 223
emperor,,and administration coinage Talbert (1984) 382
ex sc (coin legend) Talbert (1984) 382
gaius (caligula),,condemned Talbert (1984) 382
lugdunum Talbert (1984) 382
nero,,fice Talbert (1984) 382
nero,,relationship Talbert (1984) 382
nero Ando (2013) 223
sc (coin legend) Talbert (1984) 382
senate,in latin and greek,,coinage Talbert (1984) 382
uranius antoninus Talbert (1984) 382