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4 results for "bacchus"
1. Homer, Odyssey, 1.70-1.73, 4.349, 4.384, 9.136-9.141, 10.87-10.94, 12.73-12.74, 13.96-13.112 (8th cent. BCE - 7th cent. BCE)  Tagged with subjects: •aeneas, as bacchus Found in books: Giusti (2018) 145, 146
2. Euripides, Bacchae, 1133, 689 (5th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Giusti (2018) 144
3. Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica, 3.1218-3.1219 (3rd cent. BCE - 3rd cent. BCE)  Tagged with subjects: •aeneas, as bacchus •bacchus, as aeneas Found in books: Giusti (2018) 144
3.1218. πίσεα δʼ ἔτρεμε πάντα κατὰ στίβον· αἱ δʼ ὀλόλυξαν 3.1219. νύμφαι ἑλειονόμοι ποταμηίδες, αἳ περὶ κείνην
4. Vergil, Aeneis, 1.159-1.164, 4.143-4.150, 4.300-4.303, 4.469-4.473, 4.667  Tagged with subjects: •aeneas, as bacchus •bacchus, as aeneas Found in books: Giusti (2018) 144, 146
1.159. weapons of war, spars, planks, and treasures rare, 1.160. once Ilium 's boast, all mingled with the storm. 1.161. Now o'er Achates and Ilioneus, 1.162. now o'er the ship of Abas or Aletes, 1.163. bursts the tempestuous shock; their loosened seams 4.143. Why further go? Prithee, what useful end 4.144. has our long war? Why not from this day forth 4.145. perpetual peace and nuptial amity? 4.146. Hast thou not worked thy will? Behold and see 4.147. how Iove-sick Dido burns, and all her flesh 4.148. 'The madness feels! So let our common grace 4.149. mile on a mingled people! Let her serve 4.150. a Phrygian husband, while thy hands receive 4.300. hoot forth blind fire to terrify the soul 4.301. with wild, unmeaning roar? O, Iook upon 4.302. that woman, who was homeless in our realm, 4.303. and bargained where to build her paltry town, 4.469. then thus the silence broke: “O Queen, not one 4.470. of my unnumbered debts so strongly urged 4.471. would I gainsay. Elissa's memory 4.472. will be my treasure Iong as memory holds, 4.473. or breath of life is mine. Hear my brief plea! 4.667. to bring him back to Iove, or set me free.