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4 results for "astronomica"
1. Aratus Solensis, Phaenomena, 454-461 (4th cent. BCE - 3rd cent. BCE)  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Green (2014) 27
461. ἀπλανέων τά τε κύκλα τά τʼ αἰθέρι σήματʼ ἐνισπεῖν.
2. Ovid, Fasti, 1.295-1.310, 1.315-1.316, 3.55-3.58, 3.199-3.200, 4.901-4.904, 5.147-5.148 (1st cent. BCE - missingth cent. CE)  Tagged with subjects: •astronomica (manilius), absence of planets from Found in books: Green (2014) 27, 128, 191
1.295. Quis vetat et stellas, ut quaeque oriturque caditque, 1.296. dicere? promissi pars fuit ista mei. 1.297. felices animae, quibus haec cognoscere primis 1.298. inque domus superas scandere cura fuit! 1.299. credibile est illos pariter vitiisque locisque 1.300. altius humanis exeruisse caput. 1.301. non Venus et vinum sublimia pectora fregit 1.302. officiumque fori militiaeve labor; 1.303. nec levis ambitio perfusaque gloria fuco 1.304. magnarumque fames sollicitavit opum. 1.305. admovere oculis distantia sidera nostris 1.306. aetheraque ingenio supposuere suo. 1.307. sic petitur caelum: non ut ferat Ossan Olympus, 1.308. summaque Peliacus sidera tangat apex. 1.309. nos quoque sub ducibus caelum metabimur illis 1.310. ponemusque suos ad vaga signa dies. 1.315. Institerint Nonae, missi tibi nubibus atris 1.316. signa dabunt imbres exoriente Lyra. 5. E NON — F 6. FF 7. GC 8. HC 9. A AGON 3.55. non ego te, tantae nutrix Larentia gentis, 3.56. nec taceam vestras, Faustule pauper, opes, 3.57. vester honos veniet, cum Larentalia dicam: 3.58. acceptus geniis illa December habet. 3.199. festa parat Conso. Consus tibi cetera dicet 3.200. illo facta die, dum sua sacra canes. 4.901. Sex ubi, quae restant, luces Aprilis habebit, 4.902. in medio cursu tempora veris erunt, 4.903. et frustra pecudem quaeres Athamantidos Helles, 4.904. signaque dant imbres, exoriturque Canis. 5.147. quo feror? Augustus mensis mihi carminis huius 5.148. ius habet: interea Diva canenda Bona est. 1.295. What prevents me speaking of the stars, and their rising 1.296. And setting? That was a part of what I’ve promised. 1.297. Happy minds that first took the trouble to consider 1.298. These things, and to climb to the celestial regions! 1.299. We can be certain that they raised their head 1.300. Above the failings and the homes of men, alike. 1.301. Neither wine nor lust destroyed their noble natures, 1.302. Nor public business nor military service: 1.303. They were not seduced by trivial ambitions, 1.304. Illusions of bright glory, nor hunger for great wealth. 1.305. They brought the distant stars within our vision, 1.306. And subjected the heavens to their genius. 1.307. So we reach the sky: there’s no need for Ossa to be piled 1.308. On Olympus, or Pelion’s summit touch the highest stars. 1.309. Following these masters I too will measure out the skies, 1.310. And attribute the wheeling signs to their proper dates. 1.315. Should the Nones be here, rain from dark cloud 1.316. Will be the sign, at the rising of the Lyre. 3.55. Now should I forget you, Larentia, nurse of such a nation, 3.56. Nor, poor Faustulus, the help that you gave. 3.57. I’ll honour you when I speak of the Larentalia, 3.58. And the month approved of by the guardian spirits. 3.199. He prepared a feast for the god, Consus. Consus will tell you 3.200. The rest of what happened that day when you sing his rites. 4.901. The Spring season will be half-over, 4.902. And you’ll look for Helle’s Ram in vain: 4.903. The rains will be your sign, when the Dog’s mentioned. 4.904. On this day, returning to Rome from Nomentum, 5.147. And each district worships the three divinities. 5.148. Why say this here, when the month of August
3. Firmicus Maternus, Matheseos, None  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Green (2014) 26, 60
4. Manilius, Astronomica, 1.15, 1.51-1.52, 1.396-1.411, 1.470-1.471, 1.670-1.671, 2.25-2.38, 2.643-2.644, 2.738-2.787, 2.961-2.967, 3.96-3.159, 3.560-3.617, 4.122-4.293, 5.1-5.11, 5.27-5.29, 5.32-5.745  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Green (2014) 26, 27, 32, 44, 45, 52, 53, 191